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A handwritten note from another happy customer who wasn’t able to see “any traces” of the damage!


From a customer of over 25 years:

“Lee, in at least the last 25 years of doing business, you are the first person who hasn’t tried to cheat me!”



5 comments on “Testimonials
  1. Chris L says:

    We used the Dent Man to fix our Ford F150 that received hail damage in late May 2014. The Dent Man gave us a fair and honest estimate and was very polite and courteous from the get go. He was able to repair the truck in a timely manner and there are no traces of hail damage left. The truck looks great. Thanks for being an honest, fair, and courteous businessman.

  2. Tim Lawson says:

    We met the dent man when our son’s truck got a dent on the tailgate. The dent was easily removed and the cost was minimal. Our great experience with his truck lead us to get all the dents removed from my wife’s car. Again Lee did a great job and the car looks like new again. Well the third times a charm, we had all the dents removed from our old Chevrolet suburban. Once again we were happy with the results. If you have dents call ” The Dent Man ” , you won’t be disappointed.

  3. roger godwin says:

    Lee is not just a dent repairman, he is an ARTIST! I have been an insurance adjuster for over 30 years. I had some damage to my Toyota Tundra and had a quote of $898.00 to repair the rear panel. $200 and a few hours later, Lee had it looking like brand new. He also zapped out a door ding in my daughter’s car like magic in minutes. He is the most talented dent repairman I have ever seen! If you have damage to your car, go ahead, get a quote from a body shop and then go see Lee. If he can do it dentless, he will save you major $$$!!

  4. ChuckG says:

    Glad to find out that you have helped many customers with the PDR, not only by fixing the dents, but also saving their money! Keep up the good work, colleague.

    Best regards,

  5. Joe A says:

    The dent man fixed a door ding on my Silverado to my complete satisfaction. I am a picky customer and the dent man exceeded my expectations. The truck looks new. Very highly recommend!

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