Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage happens, a seemingly quick rain shower can turn into a hail storm very fast.  If your car is not under some sort of protection or a garage, you can bet it is going to be damaged.  But don’t fret! Hail damage repair in Spartanburg, SC is quicker and easier than you think!  Keep reading.

Hail damage doesn’t sound that bad, but when you consider that a few hundred pieces of hail could hit the flat surfaces of your auto (such as the roof, hood, and deck lid) and there is even a good chance of hail bouncing off the ground and hitting your doors, you can imagine how bad it could be.

Hail damage repair is perfect for cars and trucks that have gone through a hailstorm.  Using special tools and state of the art techniques, the damage can be taken out without requiring a body shop, all you need is The Dent Man!

Hail damage is classified as a comprehensive claim, not a collision claim.  You are covered if you have comprehensive coverage and whatever deductible level you have chosen is the amout of the claim you will have to pay out of pocket.  The insurance company will pay the rest of the claim.

Hail damage is usually considered an “act of God” and will usually not affect your rates.  If, however, your vehicle gets damaged multiple times within a certain period of time, it may affect your rates.  This is something you are going to want to ask your insurance company about.


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