1. What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a collection of state of the art tools and techniques that allow a technician to completely remove a dent from your cars body without having to repaint it.  This is the only method that can fix a dent and allow you to keep your cars factory paint and finish.


2.  Why should I use Paintless Dent Repair instead of going to a traditional body shop?

In a nutshell….Quality.  PDR is the closest you are going to be able to get to the dent never happening.  There is no bondo, sanding, grinding, cutting, or repainting.  After a while, dents fixed with these older methods will show, and you will probably pay 3 to 5 times more to fix the dent.  Time is also a factor, a body shop may have to keep your car for a few days, making it impossible for you to drive it. PDR, on the other hand, takes very little time to do and you can drive your car as soon as the work is done.


3.  How long does a repair take?

A repair can take anywhere from under 15 minutes to a few hours depending on the damage and location of the dent.


4.  Why should I use The Dent Man?

Trust, speed, and results.  The Dent Man has been serving the upstate for years.  He loves what he does, and more importantly, he loves the look on his clients face when they see their car or truck come back from damage that they thought was impossible to fix.  Quite simply, The Dent Man loves what he does and that passion comes out in his work.


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